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Our Clients

A great benefit of the best part about the 123ezy system is that you can use the site builder to create your site plus you can incorporate all sorts of other html, java, php and more website building tools to give you the result you want.

The Australian College of Cartooning is run by an established and widely published cartoonist, Gray Hopgood. Gray has drawn cartoons for newspapers and small businesses and friend and family. He has managed his regional newspaper and has a lifetime of experience in both drawing his own and teach others how to draw.

Gray currently provides classes to help people learn to express their thoughts and ideas through cartooning and his website acts as a means to educate as well as build a community of students.

Accent Exhibition Hire wanted a website that allows their clients to see each image relatively quickly.

You may notice that they have a three level menu system and that images within the website have links to the product details.

we custom built their header for a professional and simple look.


Mobility Aid have a range of products that are aimed to give people with movement issues a range of mobilty and bathing products. 

What did we do!

We created the logo and animation for this company and we inserted it into the banner area. The client then made their own changes and additions to the site. 

we provided the client with several copies of their logo and suggested flash animations, including several colour schemes to compliment the professionalism of the business. The client then chose the designe that they found most suited their ideas.

Tim Riley is located in Dee Why and has published Economics textbooks and workbooks for year 11 and year 12 students for over 10 years.

Tim was able to have his website completed for only $499 because he had most of his artwork and logos already. His pdf documents (order forms) were simply uploaded using the cPanel (free training on how to do this is online) 

The structure of the website, including web pages and menus were created very simply using the 123ezy sitebuilder. 

Once the pages were created we copied and pasted the wording from a Microsoft Word document and then inserted images where we needed them.

Hyperlinks to the pdf forms were inserted into the text (a very quick process) and then the website was published.

NeuMedix Health group is an Intellectual Property investment company. The seek innovative technology from researchers and help to commercialise the product for the benefit of both consumers and the inventors.

We created the logo for the company, created a flash animation for the banner and then inserted the text where desired (under the appropriate menu structure) and chose images that complimented the context of that page. 

This website uses a fairly complicated menu structure, which the 123ezy website builder handled with ease.

Howard Gilmore operates Dee Why Therapeutic Massage Centre in Dee Why and has had a 123ezy website for several years so when the Polarity Therapy Association wanted a website, he suggested 123ezy. After looking at several other options they chose 123ezy.

They had all the text for their website, so Howard (who is not a computer expert) created the pages and inserted the text and after 2 hours with Steve Slisar the website was in it's current shape. Howard just had to then go and optimise the website for keywords and search engine optimisation.

“Couldn’t believe that our site would on the web in 48 hours. That’s from go to show” ... Howard Gilmore

Gordon International Marketing is a leader in the distribution of packaging products throughout the Asia Pacific Rim and has long term relationships with overseas manufacturers. 

Gordon International Marketing had a 123ezy website designer complete most of the website for them and also had a member of staff, Kym, trained up so that she could make changes to the website if they were needed.

"Hi Steve, thanks for coaching Kym, she is now doing some great work with out website" ... Simon Rorke


Ramancorp is a wholesale supplier of framing, hanging, display and packaging materials. They have a broad range of products and use their website to provide vital information about the products they sell and to receive enquiries from new potential clients.

Some of the brands they supply include: Velcro, 3M, Airco, and more.

Clean-Cook is an innovative company which provides an exciting new range of teflon products for use with the Aussie BBQ. Their teflon bbq and baking sheets give you a way to cook clean and healthy food without the mess.

Clean-Cook has a simple message and wish to display it at a simple website. The site includes PayPal shopping cart so that trade and retail customers can order directly from the website whenever they please. 

Hatch Create is a creative business that focusses on helping small and large businesses use the best words to convey their sales and marketing messages.

From website launches and promotional planning, printed and email newsletters and copy writing for website contents Hatch Create can help any business look professional.

CloudPBX is a product of virion business grade VoIP and phone systems. The technology allows small business owners to have a phone system with features like putting callers on hold, transferring calls (even between remote locations) and voicemail to email for a low cost.

VoIP uses your broadband internet and the CloudPBX service means that you don't need to have a PBX in your own office... It's the best of cloud computing like Google Apps combined with cheap calls using Voice Over Internet Protocol.

The product is simple and their website expresses it.

EzyLearn is a successful online training company which provides education tools for small business owners to increase productivity and job seekers find work. MYOB accounting software is an important part of this and EzyLearn helps people from all over Australia with this online training website.

Although the online course part of the website uses specialised Learning Management Systems, the information part uses the 123ezy site builder. The excellent Search Engine Optimisation tools in the 123ezy site builder help elevate this site to page 1 of Google Organic search results.


Maxis Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation that helps students gain vocational skills using the Government education structure.

Their website is an information source for all students and provides updated information about what is going on at the centre in Chatwood.

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