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Website Creation & Marketing

Let us take you through the entire experience and get you setup and going.


Internet Marketing and website design

A website is much cheaper and holds a lot more information than a full colour brochure, PLUS You can change it whenever you want and see how many people are reading it.


Make your website effective for your business. 

To get your website up and running one of our consultants can do everything for you, plus show you how to access it so you can make changes yourself. Your consultant will setup a Google Adwords campaign and create advertisements based around your keywords. This includes setting up a daily budget, choosing the best landing page and path to your website goals. Finally, your website design and marketing consultant will get your website ready so that the results can be measured.


What you can learn about 

  • How easy it is to create and edit a website 
  • How to use images in websites 
  • The importance of keywords and keyphrases
  • Optimise your website for search engines
  • advertising keywords and Google Adwords
  • Website statistics and what they mean


          How much does it cost

          Once your 123ezy website hosting account is setup and you have a domain name pointing to your new hosting account you are ready to start.

          The day of consulting will cost $875 and will include a follow telephone consultation 30 days after your web presence has been setup. This consultation will be to help you gain access to the important parts of your administration areas to make alterations if they are need and check on your statistics and measure the results.


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