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Search Engine Optimisation

Make your web pages relevant

The words Search Engine optimisation (also called SEO) are used to describe how you structure your website with regards to keywords. As you know, people use search engines like Google, Yahoo, Windows Live (MSN) and Bing everyday in search for information. To find the right information, you must type in the correct keywords or keyphrases, the better choice of keywords and keyphrases you make, the better the results you receive. True isn't it?

Well, it is just as important to have your website optimised for these keywords so that your prospective clients find your website. 

What are your customers looking for?

Do you know the keywords that your potential clients are typing in the search engines to try to find a service or product that you offer? It is more critical than you think.

Click here to see our information on keywords to help you find some keywords for your website.

Remember, as the internet gets more and more complicated and your competitors become smarter and smarter, that more and more web surfers are entering keyphrases (combinations of keywords) to try to find information that is more specific to their needs.

This leads me to an important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation and that is "relevancy". It is no longer good enough to have one page filled with lots of keywords because Search Engines now look at the concentration of specific keywords on a web page.

Make your web pages specific

The best way to show you what I mean is to give you an example. 123ezy websites is a division of EzyLearn Pty Ltd and EzyLearn offers training on MYOB Accounting. There are lots of different things that someone could potentially want to learn about MYOB and if we had one webpage that was dedicated to learning about Word, Excel and Powerpoint, then that web page would not come up as the best search result for someone wanting to learn about MYOB. The search engines would look for a site that is more relevant and it's a great thing that we have a website that is just dedicated to helping people learn about MYOB, it's called and you can watch some of our training videos at that website for free.

For this reason we have separated our web pages to be as specific as possible about what someone could be searching for. 

Click Here to see the EzyLearn computer training Course Topics and you'll notice that there is a different link for each software program that we teach. We do this to make each page more relevant to what a potential client would be looking for.

What parts of your website can be optimised?

There are four main section of your website that must be as similar in regards to the use of keywords as possible:

  • The text on your web page(s)
  • The title you give each page
  • The description you give each page
  • The keywords that you allocate to each page

Each of these sections of each web page must be as similar as possible so that when a search engines indexes each page it sees that each page is particularly relevant to a specific topic.

It is essential that you spend time on this task (or contact your 123ezy website designer) before you start to promote your website on internet search engines.  

Your website Keywords and Google

Google Adwords is the market leader in "paid search". Adwords is a system where website owners and marketers bid for selected keywords and keyphrases. You may pay 20c per click or 50c per click depending on how popular those keywords are, or how much return can be earned from someone going to your website.

Once your Google Adwords advertisement is clicked, to get people to click on your advertisement and land at your website.


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