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Domain Name

The 123ezy Website package includes:

  • Domain name configuration
  • Initial setup of an email address (have as many email addresses as you want)
  • Website and email webserver 
  • Training about ways of finding images for your website
  • E-Learning Training on image editing software 
  • E-Learning on how to access & use the Administration side of your website. 
  • E-Learning on how to edit and maintain your website
  • Website Statistics and how to use it
  • Free, easy to install scripts for software you can run on your server (like Livehelp, forums, content management software, email newsletter and much more)


Domain Name


What is a domain name

A domain name is simply a name that you purchase (and renew) that can point to a web server that hold your website files. This domain name is similar in concept to a business name. It doesn't necessarily tell where you are located (unless you have your suburb in the business name) and it doesn't even have to say what type of business that you are in (although it is a good idea that it does say a bit about what you do).

There are a couple things that are important to remember:

  • A domain name is registered through an authorised Registrar
  • Some companies (like EzyLearn) are reseller for registrars
  • The domain name has information like who the administration, accounts and technical contact are
  • The domain name points to a web server (using the name server) that stores all the pages and files that make up your website.


What are the domain name options

You can register a domain name in most countries. The most common are and (replace the words "domainname" with whatever name you are looking for).

There are different domain name registries in each country and many of them will allow you to purchase domain names from other parts of the world. 

Here is a list of links for registrars where you can register a domain name in both the US or Australia: These companies are very large and professional organisations.


Melbourne IT




What happens after I register a domain name

You will normally be given the choice to simply "park" the domain name or to open up a hosting account with the registrar. Until you know what you want or have taken a look at some other domain name / web hosting options it is usually best to park the domain name because it can be pointed anywhere at this stage.

Please try to make sure you keep the emails from the registrar so that you have your:

  • Domain name administration username and password (this is specific to the registrar that you choose and will make it much easier to make technical changes - like changing the name server - later), and
  • The domain name Key (also called Password)

Remember that you can change domain name Registrars very easily provided you have these pieces of information. You can get your domain name key and domain name administration log in details at a later stage, but it is always a better idea to keep a record of them on hand to save time in the future.


Can EzyLearn register a domain name for us?

Yes, we can register a domain name on your behalf and point it straight to a web hosting account with us. We provide this service for a low cost so that you don't need to get bogged down with the technical things.


Learn about email addresses

When you have your own website and server space, you can create as many email address as you like on the server. Then you just have to set your email program (like Microsoft Outlook) to access the emails on that account.

Click here to learn more about email addresses



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