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Website Design (site builder)

Website Design

Once your webserver is setup, and your emails are working the next step is normally to create your website. If you are, or know someone who can create websites using programs like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash etc, then you can still have them create your website for you and they can "publish" it to your webserver.

The 123ezy website package includes an online "site builder" that is simple to use. There are also video instructions on how to make changes to all aspects of your website all by yourself.

Some web designers charge up to $150 per hour so the savings here could be in the thousands per year.

With the 123ezy website system you can easily and visually: 

  • add pages and menus, 
  • change the layout of what is on each page
  • Insert Images and even animations
  • edit the text and change the font formatting, 
  • Insert tables and even 
  • Insert forms with as many fields as you like. 

And remember that if you get stuck, there is someone here to help you when you get stuck.


The 123ezy Website package includes: 

  • Website and email webserver 
  • E-Learning on how to access & use the Administration side of your website. 
  • E-Learning on how to edit and maintain your website
  • Free, easy to install scripts for software you can run on your server (like Livehelp, forums, content management software, email newsletter and much more)



If you like what you see so far and you'd like to order your own 123ezy website, then click here or go to our Orders page.  

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