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Free Server based Software programs (scripts)

Free software and easy installation 

There are many software tools that are made available to you at no extra cost. Software like 

  • Forums (where groups of people can communicate with each other and respond to comments in an open and sharing environment). Forums are ideal when you want your clients or website visitors to get to know each other and learn from each other. It is one way that companies can use to reduce their support costs.
  • LiveHelp (you can see when people are looking at your website and even send a message to their computer asking if they want help). This type of service is used more and more as a sales tool where internet based sales consultants can answer any questions that a potential client may have.
  • Support Tickets (if part of your work is involved in supporting clients request, you can setup an automatic support ticketing system and keep track of the progress of each task). This system can be used to keep track of tasks which need to be completed for clients and give you a great idea about potential problems where you should create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) guide.
  • Email Newsletter (your clients can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves to your email newsletters and you can let them know what is going on at your company). A newsletter keeps your company at the front of someone's mind and allows you to teach your clients about the full range of services that you offer.


  • Weblog (also called Blogs, these are a great method to deliver knowledge to your clients, get feedback about the services you offer, increase the number of hits to your website and keep in constant contact with your clients)
  • Shopping carts (If you sell products a shopping cart is a fantastic way off showcasing your products because you can categorise your products and website visitors can search and buy online without having to call you on the phone, they can also make purchases outside of business hours)



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