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Image Sources and Image editing software. 

Getting Images

Deciding which images to use on your website can be a fun and exciting part of building your web site, because you have complete creative control. It can also be a nightmare if you don't know how to edit the images to suit your website or move the images to where you need them. 

If you have taken the photos yourself or with the help of a friend then you need to know how to get them from your camera to your computer.  Once the images are in your computer, you may need to change the format or file size so that your images (and your website) load quickly when someone visits it.

If you don't have images and want to find some we can show you where to go on your computer and the Internet.  

When you sign up for a 123ezy website, you will receive written training material to help you understand both image editing as well as file management and if you get stuck then we also provide support.


Image Editing Software

The skills you learn on how to edit images can be used for much more than simply your website. These skills can be used when you scan images or on all the images you take with your digital camera.

You can take out red eye, crop, resize and change the image format (important for websites), you can also apply any number of effects to make your pictures look really great. 

Remember once you have these images, they can also be used in brochures you create using Publishing software or Microsoft Word and ofcourse you can email them to your friends and family (or work collegues).



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