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FREE computer training 

What is FREE training all about?

123ezy Websites is a division of EzyLearn Pty Ltd, which has over 40 computer software training courses in Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, MYOB accounting, Beginners to Windows, Email and Internet, Image Editing and much more). 

Most of these computer software training courses are now available using onlinevideos and/or Training workbooks which means you can access this training material online in the comfort of your own office or home and you can learn at your own pace.

There are currently 6 courses on various aspects of how to use your 123ezy website hosting account. These courses are delivered free of all charge because we want you to understand just how much you can do with your own 123ezy website hosting account.

How to create online success

With the 123ezy website system you can do it all!

  • Use targetted keywords and key phrases on your website pages so they appeal to search engines
  • Optimise your website for Search Engines (these are parts of your website that are shown in Google Search results like page names, meta tags and descriptions)
  • Setup and use an email newsletter to keep customers informed and coming back to you website
  • Setting up your own blog, write articles and allow website visitors to make comments and ask questions (if you want to)
  • Using Twitter and Social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Create targeted landing pages so your visitors see information that relates to exactly what they are looking for.
  • Establish the goal with your website (ie. the process from landing page to buying page)
  • so much more. 


Learn about free software scripts available to you

There are thousands of free, open source scripts (programs) to help you provide a better experience for your website visitors AND capture their details and help them buy your products or services.

Click Here for information about some of the software scripts that can be installed in as little as 5 clicks with your 123ezy website hosting service.


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